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Iconic Products, the ancestral know-how

Mauviel1830 is recognized as the manufacture of kitchen utensils in the world capable of working with so many materials.

This is how we have helped to win all the challenges, to create personalized products, to adapt to all the needs and to generate new ideas. Renew shapes, conceive utensils that can be used in the kitchen and on the dining room table with innovations that come directly from the future.

It is made up, of unique pieces, entirely hand- made; turbot fish kettles, braising pans and fish kettles. They are the ultimate testimonies of a culinary French tradition, always carried forward by the Normandy Company.

The tinned interior creates an alchemy with the food, that is unique. The pewter contained in this product is exempt of lead.
This collection is available in bronze setting or electrolysis cast iron finish.

Tinned copper
Thickness 2 to 3,5mm
Exterior hammered and polished
Fixation with copper rivets strong section

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