M’Heritage 250 CI | Mauviel1830 | Made In France

M’Heritage 250 CI

True innovation, M’ HERITAGE presents models, combining 90% copper and 10% stainless steel, 18/10, combination which confers the utensil, the cumulated advantages of copper and stainless steel:
Perfect thermic conductibility and light maintenance makes it a gem, in culinary technology.
A range, perfectly adapted to daily use, its true technical prowess seduces all those who use them, top chefs, alike novices. Polished copper associated to stainless steel, enhances the pleasure to cook. Thickness of 2.5mm on copper will transfer heat quickly and evenly. 

Interior copper stainless steel bi-laminated.
Straight rim.
Easy to clean.
Tinplating does not need redoing.
Polished exterior.
Stainless steel rivets.

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